Summer Date Ideas

                                                                                                                       (Me and My Love - Botanical Gardens NY)

1. Go wine tasting locally or make a mini trip out of it and head to a vineyard.

2. Search for free summer concerts in the park and bring your own food/drinks, or pay extra to go see one of your favorite musical artists.

3. Head to a museum / art gallery.

4. Grab dinner and or drinks at a rooftop bar as the sun is setting.

5. Plan a day trip to the beach.

6. Take a stroll and explore a new town.

7. Movie marathon. Maybe pick a movie franchise that you and your S.O have never seen before.
(Harry Potter, Star Wars, Despicable Me etc..)

8. Go out to a extravagant brunch and an enjoy delicious food and cocktails.

9. Head to a farmers market, and pick out fresh ingredients to cook with together.

10. Go for a hike.

11. Spend the day poolside.

12. Massages, Soft fluffy robes, cucumber water, are you thinking what I'm thinking... Spa Day!

13. Head to the park and plan a picnic.

14. Take a bike ride together.

15. Go see a broadway play.

16. Have a little fun competition by going bowling or mini golfing.

17. Host a summer themed party together - good barbecue food, a refreshing pool, and great friends/family.

18. Road trip. You never know what hidden gems you may find.

19. Most movies are better on the big screen, go to a matinée showing of a movie you both have been wanting to see.

20. Go to a ballgame.

21. Have a game night.
(Monopoly, Pictionary, Clue etc..)

22. Pick out a recipe and figure out how to make it together, head to a cooking class and learn how to cook from the pros.


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