Best Gifts for Moms

The most important woman in my life is without a doubt my mom, she’s my best friend. Being that Mother’s Day is exactly 1 week away I figured I would create a gift guide to help you find something special for your mom this Mother’s Day! 

Perfume: If you know your mom has a signature scent that she loves, this could be a great thing to stock up on. 

Skincare: An array of quality skin care products that will allow your mom to pamper herself on the daily.

Jewelry: Whether it’s a delicate necklace or a trendy watch, jewelry is never a bad idea.

Luggage Set: If your mom loves to travel a new luggage set would be ideal.

Technology: My mom loves her tablet, she has become very tech savvy. A new tablet/laptop, or if your mom loves snapping photos a nice quality camera could be a great idea. Even an updated cell phone is lovely.

Kitchen Accessories/Appliances: If your mom loves preparing meals or baking new kitchen accessories and appliances is a great gift.

Gift Certificate: A gift certificate to get her hair done, for a beautiful spa day, or even to her favorite nail salon is an easy gift and something you know she’ll use and love.

Last Minute Gifts: Hair tools and hair products, new makeup, a nice pair of sunglasses, silky pj’s, a good book, candles.


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