My Top 3 Eyeshadow Tips

Perfecting your makeup can be difficult even to the most experienced makeup addict. Throughout my experience with messing around with eyeshadows I have discovered that doing these few steps will really help enhance the colors and longevity of your eye look..

1. Brushes
Decent brushes are essential to bringing your eyeshadow look to the next level. A good makeup brush is required for blending out your eyeshadow so definitely consider investing in some quality brushes. Morphe brushes are my favorite, they're inexpensive and work wonderfully!

Morphe Cosmetics ($5);  MAC ($32)

2. Primer
Say goodbye to creasing, oily eyelids, and faded eyeshadow. And if you're in a pinch I suggest using a thick concealer before applying your eyeshadow, or using a white base can enhance the intensity of the eyeshadow color.

Urban Decay ($12);  NYX ($5)

3. Wet It
Wet your makeup brush with setting spray or plain water. But don't over do it and make sure you pat it over a paper towel to remove excess water. You will instantly notice brighter pigmentation.

MAC ($12);  Gerard Cosmetics ($16)


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