"White Teeth Teens" - Colgate Review

I was lucky to receive the XO VoxBox complimentary from Influesnter this month for testing purposes. Inside the box included a few products from Colgate. An optic white toothbrush, with a built in whitening pen, and optic white express white toothpaste. Within 2 days of usage i've definitely noticed a whiter smile

The Colgate Optic Express White Toothpaste has a fresh, minty taste and my teeth feel really clean after using it. The whitening power is the best I have seen in a toothpaste. I highly recommend it.

The great thing about the tooth brush is the comfortability of the bristles, using this brush makes my mouth feel cleaner than any ordinary toothbrush does. 

Having the whitening pen built into the toothbrush is very handy. The application is super easy; turn the pen to click 2 times, then the gel should come out and all you do is rub the gel onto your teeth. No need to rinse afterwards, it's so simple with no mess and fast results! It also has a minty flavor to it, and doesn't burn your gums like some teeth whitening kits do.

Overall wonderful products and I will absolutely be buying these products!


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