Better Than Sex!

I've recently purchased Two Faced's "The Mascara and Bronzing Holy Grail Set" from Sephora, which comes with a full size mascara of Two Faced's Better Than Sex and a deluxe size Chocolate Soleil matte bronzer.

I absolutely love the bronzer! First off, it truly smells like hot chocolate so who doesn't love that, and it really does gives you the perfect bronzing look for any skin tone!

As for the mascara, I didn't completely fall in love with it as much as everyone has hyped it up to be. Don't get me wrong the packaging is beautiful and all, and it might just be the way I apply it but I found it to be a little too wet I don't particularly care for mascara's that have a wet consistency because they tend to make my lashes fall. Now this is a great mascara for volume, so if you're looking for a mascara to thicken your lashes I'd try out this one and I do suggest to just apply a little at a time and it will work perfectly.


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