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Then She Was Gone, by Lisa Jewell

Laurel’s teen daughter, Ellie leaves the house one day to go to the library and never returns home. Her daughters disappearance has forever altered her life, but refuses to give up hope in finding her daughter. One day she meets a charming man named Floyd. Later is introduced to his daughters - the youngest of which looks like Ellie. I don't want to give the rest away, but I highly recommend you pick this book up! 

I LOVED this book and could not put it down it was absolutely amazing! If I wasn’t reading it, I was constantly thinking about it. It’s a dark suspenseful story that will have you hooked right from the start.

My Rating: 

Something In The Water, by Catherine Steadman

I love Reese Witherspoon’s book club picks, so I decided to check this one out.

 “Have you ever wondered how long it takes to dig a grave? Wonder no longer. It takes an age. However long you think it takes, double that.” with a first sentence like that how could someone not be hooked!

Erin and Mark are a newlywed power couple.They head to Bora Bora on their honeymoon and while out scuba diving they discover ‘something in the water.’ I was glued to the pages dying to find out more to the story…but I was sadly disappointed. The big twist, in my opinion was totally predictable and some of the characters that were introduced had no purpose and the ones that were important are not developed enough, leaving the reader frustrated with many questions in the end! 

Long story short…SKIP IT

My Rating: 

The Perfect Stranger, by Megan Miranda

A suspenseful, thrilling read. Leah Stevens is trying to leave Boston to start over. While figuring out where she wants to go, Leah runs into and old friend, Emmy Grey who also is looking to start over, she suggests to moving to rural Pennsylvania. Just as they were getting settled, a woman with a resemblance to Leah is assaulted by the lake. Emmy disappears days later.

The author has an amazing ability to pull the reader in within the first few pages and just when you think you’ve figured it out Megan Miranda throws another curve ball at you. While working I would think about Leah and Emmy’s story and try to figure it out. I will definitely be checking out more of Megan’s books!

My Rating: ☆☆½


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