5 Tips For Perfect Curls

1. Avoid washing your hair right before you curl. It's much harder to style and keep the curls in-tact when it's too clean. I suggest washing at least one day before you plan on curling your hair. 

(If your hair does get greasy, there's always dry shampoo)

2. There are specific products you can use before curling your hair to keep the look together. Try them! And of course don't forget to use your heat protection, I like to use Tresemme


3. The amount of hair you curl at a time is important, styling with too little with create frizz, and styling with too much won't hold.

4. Use a curler that is slightly skinnier than the curls you want, the reason being curls tend to expand as the day/night goes on. 

Curling Iron

5. Finally, don't forget to wait until the curls have completely cooled off. I suggest waiting about 20 minutes before you being to style your hair.


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