5 Holiday Travel Tips

1. Master the Packing List 

Utilize this printable packing list that I found on TravelSmith. This is great for both small weekend trips and longer trips. I use this list every time I travel, it makes packing much less stressful.

2. Book the Earliest Flight

To all my night owls out there, I hate to break it to you but the earlier you fly the less chance there is for being delayed. Also the lines are short, TSA agents are more easy-going, sometimes there's even an empty seat beside you on the plane, ahh how luxurious!

3. If You're Bringing Gifts, Don't Wrap Them!

Don't even waste your time and effort wrapping those holiday gifts, TSA has the right to open any package you bring on an airplane. Your best bet would be to wrap them when you get there or mail them off beforehand.

4. Pack Snacks

Whether you're going on a road trip or heading to the airport no one likes being hangry.  In my opinion, food at an airport is a total rip off, so pack your favorite snacks and drinks ahead of time, not only do you get to eat something you'll actually enjoy but you'll also be saving money.

5. Stock Up On Apps

There are a bunch of mobile travel apps that make vacationing a lot easier, especially if you're traveling abroad. Some of these might include: flight notification, itinerary apps, language translation,  etc. Ideally you'll want to download these apps before you depart.

What's your best tip for traveling during the holidays?


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