Improve Your Handwriting

PhotoCred: @lhcalligraphy//instagram
Thanks to computers and tablets, penmanship just doesn't seem that important anymore.. But in all actuality it is an important skill to have, and while you don't need to be a professional calligrapher, penning a simple list to filling out medical forms requires at the very least legible handwriting.

-- Here are several tips to help improve your longhand:

1. Get the right materials

Whether you prefer a fine tipped gel pen or a standard ball point, find a pen that feels comfortable to hold and that flows smoothly without having to press down on the paper too much.

2. Use lined paper

The lines will act as a guide to keep everything at an even height and size.

3. Write a paragraph everyday

Whether it's lyrics to your favorite Beyonce song, sports statistics, or maybe it's the intro to your favorite book..whatever it is,  practice writing over and over until the words start to look neater. A good idea is to keep it all in one notebook so that you can flip back and see your progress! 

4. Slow down

It's important to pace yourself and focus on each letter to create consistent results. The speed will come later on naturally as you get better.

- Also check out Laura Hooper's instagram (@lhcalligraphy) her calligraphy is outstanding, and so inspiring! :) 


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