iOS 10 Features to Get Excited About

The long-awaited iOS 10 software update is officially here! Here are a few super-cool features you need to know. 

- Wake up your phone by simply picking it up.

- Slide left to open calendar alerts / breaking news

- Now you can reply to a text message right from your lock screen.

- There are 72 new emojis available.

- Also, handwrite texts / send illustrations! (It's like snapchat for iMessage)

- You can now receive alerts if water is detected inside your iPhone.

- No longer do you have to slide right to unlock your phone, just press the home button.

- Maps app has been updated to automatically remember your car location when you park so you can never forget where you parked.

- Finally, you can delete those unwanted apps that come built into your phone such as: stocks, tips, and podcasts. 

 *My nail color is from Julep and it's called Coco :) 


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