Text Messaging Etiquette

10 things you should never do in text form...
(Post inspired by Pure Wow)
  1.  A period after one word.  - You typed “Okay.” and it made you look passive-aggressive.
  2.  A signature.  “Sincerely, Karen.” -  You're not sending a formal email here. 
  3. “Kk.  - How old are you?
  4. “Hold on.” - There's no need, just respond when you are able to. 
  5. A sentence or single thought separated into multiple text messages. - Stop. Sending. Messages like this.
  6. Multiple misspelled words.  This is why we have auto correct.
  7. Complicated acronyms. "ALOTBSOL?" - I'm going to to assume you pocket-texted.
  8. ANYTHING IN ALL CAPS. - Don’t raise your voice at me!
  9. Any question followed by?!?!?!????! - It's over dramatic. 
  10. Hashtag anything. - Let's save that for Twitter/Instagram.


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