One Less Bra-Blem!

Any woman knows how frustrating it can be to find a perfectly fitted bra...I don't think I've ever gone a day without having to pull up my bra straps to keep them from slipping off my shoulder.

We all know that amazing feeling of coming home after a long day and whipping it off. It's a feeling that no man will ever understand. However in reality going braless isn't the most practical so when it comes to my lingerie, comfort is the main key.

I was so lucky to be introduced to Thirdlove because they are a bra company that understands the struggle women go through to find the right fitting bra.

They’ve created and shared with me a  'How To Put On A Bra' guide. It’s full of all the tips and tricks every woman needs to conquer their bra-blems once and for all!

Honestly guys go check out Thirdlove's website, it's super helpful and easy to use especially with their Bra 101 section. They also have an awesome feature where you can try before you buy! 

Thirdlove's been so generous in providing me a a promo code to share with you all! Use "BRABLEMS" to take 15% off all orders and make life with a bra a whole lot easier.


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